HELP! NEWS! THANK YOU! and a seedling.

If you want to give God / destiny / the future a good laugh then tell them your plans…

Hello!  Finally another update on the book… BAM!

I’m both stressed by how overdue publishing the books are, and also very inspired as I edit the material. This will be a special book!

Certain vision3

It’s been 9 months since I started the crowd funding so it’s not surprising the money generously offered me so far has run out. Passing the hat round started wearing thin but I’m eager to crack on, so here I am swallowing my pride and asking for your help again!

Please, please share the project with your networks and friends who might like to support it and consider buying a print or other UpTrees stuff, or pre-ordering a / another book.

family tree seedling3

Beside my desk a sprout grows in a pot. It came out of a seed from the very top pine cone of the last tree I climbed with the whole family in Norway. It’s a useful reminder to me that little things with great potential take time. I have to accept that and I’m hoping you can bear with me on this book!

I’ve literally just reached a mile stone as all the hours and hours of audio have now been edited ready for transcription! Finally! It’s taken a long time!

I really appreciate your good faith in me to produce something special!

family tree seedling

Seedling from the top pine cone of the last tree climbed.

I’d love to hear from you questions or suggestions! Thank you again!


The raggedy quote in the top image is what I see in front of my desk and reminds me what I’m trying to do!

UpTrees Radio Edit 02

Conversations from three trees during the project scratching the surface of what’s to come in the book. With Eva Bakkeslett – an artist, curator and eco activist, John Gillbert a brilliant tree consultant and others who participated in igfest tree games!

magic seeds!

So I’m selling magic seeds and books!

I just love it – when I think about it. A 100m tall giant comes out of a 3mm space! Get magic presents and support the tree book project!

Baobab Seeds


Sequoia Seeds

Get your seed kit Christmas gifts & support the book project!


Monkey Puzzle Seeds

Norwegian Spruce Seeds

44 people tree whimsical ensemble conversation – Tree 69 of 365

Here’s a barely edited conversation from Tree 69, (of 365), that I climbed with 43 other people including an 8 month pregnant woman! The material is becoming part of the book… It’s kind of a radio piece with some photos and a bit of video… 75 people next summer?

Also please sign this Woodland trust petition to unlock funds for tree planting.

And don’t forget the Log Book Christmas gift! Seen below… with more info here:


UpTrees Gifts – LOG BOOK


So… I finally have to admit the book won’t be ready for Christmas when the Trafalgar Sq. tree arrives from Norway, so I’ve decided to make a gift that can be given in the interim to keep the project moving financially… and…

…I think I’ve made a nice little package, seen here and bought here.


THE LOG BOOK! A book token for when the book is finished inside a handmade log complete with a pot of seeding soil and tree seeds. You’ll get the Log Book before Christmas to shove under the tree and the book gets posted when it’s finished!

Tree seeds of your choice (Baobab, Monkey Puzzle, Sequoia or Spruce), a pot and seedling compost, a log bookmark book voucher and growing instructions all nestled in moss inside a home made log box! When the book is finished it gets sent to who ever you gift it to with their name printed inside! Sweet! Buy one here!
(get your Log book sent to you before Christmas and support the project).

log book shoot11 log book shoot10

If you buy one just nominate someone and their name will be printed in the book as a dedication.

There are loads more gift ideas at the crowd fund website too!

log book shoot08

log book shoot02 log book shoot03 log book shoot04