Tree 74 :: the Singularity and family tree 2 ::

29th July 2010
Hayles Fruit Farm

So this was a day of the family climbing a tree without climbing a tree… Also where I was being pretentious in the dead Oak. I was surprised how pretentious I looked being extra branches of this tree. Playing a tree. I should go all the way and do a video of me growing from a seed. Like the old days. Also should include some country dancing… Do kids still do that in school?
There’s an interview to follow where we discussed the unveiling of an idea… the Family tree in Lillehammer on the 17th May 2011.

This is the unedited version of what  tapped  into my phone…

Dead trees are like monuments… in the landscape. Like tomb stones or epitaph for eccentric  kings. I think about my family tree idea… the finale and think nihilisticaly- none opt us will be here one day. Obvious stuff but… when you see a beast Like this so grey and still… tentacles reaching up in the sky… then…an echo of majesty. I’m q lucky Bastard, I come from an interesting and loving family. But we will be gone. All will. Bummer. It’s good to be reminded of it occasionally. The cycle. The size of it all and perspective. I may sound depressed but I’m not. At all. I wonder how many children this read oak I’m looking at has. And hoe many grand children etc.

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