Tree 86 :: Sardana Fiesta ::

10th August 2010
Cadacez, Spain.

Mohammed wrote in his book that one should learn other languages so you know what they think about you. I may have misquoted but the point is communication. This fiesta in the square is part of the language round here. I don’t want to blame the climate or attribute it to climate that families are together late. They came together here and dance to music. It’s a beautiful setting of course by the sea – romantic but this has to do with culture. A culture we should learn from.

There’s an innocence in this place. A joy. It’s a gentle sound from the band – not thumping along and so everyone is into it. People are holding hands as they dance in concentric circles. It’s country dancing. Of course it helps if the wind and rain aren’t whistling around you, trampling round in mud trying to enjoy yourself but … what can I bring back from this – to my life in England. What words in this cultural language can I memorise (look up Sardang). I remember going to a barn dance when I was a kid and had a whale of a time. How did we separate ourselves into nightclubs for the young, restaurants for the older and bed for children? Nightclubs are rarely a brilliant time. It’s all hyped up for a good time. All about booze and throwing yourself around a sweaty dance floor. I don’t know how I got onto deriding the nightclub. It’s become our alternative to a good old knees up round a campfire. Perhaps I should read the Koran(?) Find out what all the fuss is about. I’ve read most of the bible but apparently the Hebraic actually sings. The battle scenes can be heard in the choice of words.

Could a brain handle knowing every world language? A guy called Mario Pei  apparently knew over 30 languages. You’d think if you followed the line of thought he’d be incredibly enlightened – able to understand and commune with most of the world in their own tongue – it seems he had paleo conservative principles – something I’ll have to look into. It sounds like something I’d be against but on a closer look I’m not sure. Ha! I just read that he was opposed to collectivism … the priority of group goals over individual goals. Amazing! This guy who could interact effectively linguistically with more people than anyone else believed in individualism. On the other hand he was into internationalism – economic and political cooperation for the theoretical benefit of all. Ok I’m confused. Well, I’d like to find out how I’d change if I could – with more than body language and hand signals and smiles and frowns. This fiesta is a good start. Dance our way to world peace?

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