Tree 88 :: the mega McDune ::

12th August 2010
Le dun de PILA, France.

Jungle jumble. Get some order in this mess! … (imagine it) rows … of trees in the right places. Assist the growth … (number the trees). EU bananas but forests. What would become of things if bureaucrats carried on taking over. Uniform trees and forests. Of course for example much of Finland is grown in this way… at least grown as a harvest for the wood. If you fly over Finland it looks like natural forest and tons of it but it aint.

But what about genetic trees that grow perfectly uniform. It could conceivably become fashionable. A world of people brought up as OCD where a natural forest – one you might visit in a arboreal museum looks untidy and the visitors can’t believe a forest used to look like this. Dead fallen branches and rotting vegetation and everything competing for light – reaching to the cracks of light and adapting/surviving by growing a unique shape. Fitting into the available resources. Finding a niche.

We all know the beauty is in the chaos. The crooked and windy and broken. A properly unmanaged forest has something totally calming. Conversely – apparently a managed forest grows better/mor effectively. So perhaps a McDonalds forest is what we need. Efficient, cheap and the leaves swept by teenagers. However, if McDonalds started planting forests instead of cutting them down then … Hazaah.

Ÿ       Encroaching desert … water shortage/cypruss … (Sorry to bang on …).

Ÿ       A crap load of sand.

Ÿ       Start looking like my holiday snaps – they kind of are … I’m on a holiday.


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