Daily Archives: August 15, 2010

Tree 91 :: home is where… ::

15th August 2010
Raleigh Road, Bristol, UK.

Home. Is where the hat / heart / cat / bed / washing machine / desk / stress / clouds / hope / spring board / bank / business / life / bridge / Duvet is.

Delete or add as is applicable.

It’s good and depressing to be home. There’s a whole world out there. Going on all the time. If I look at the map of all the tree’s I’ve climbed – there’s quite a limited trail of places in general. I’m a sheep.

Apparently 90% of human DNA can be found in a banana. Banana – sheep – me. I dangle from trees, walk the same trails around Bristol and write about it. Bristol is great in so many ways but … the door to the mainland is open. I could be a banana that sees the world. A sheep with a butterflies  brain. Butterflies can travel thousands of miles and fly miles up – some of them. There are butterflies and flies that travel more than me. Which brings me back to the magic potion problem.

People do cycle to India – Forest Gump ran back and forth across America – how many times? There are ways to see everything without burning the 11th hour oil. Ok – so I’m home – I digress. One foot in Bristol and the other already getting itchy to leave. It’s normal. Post holiday confusion/blues.