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I’m interested in the root of our troubles, the blockages to change and what a vital and inspired global world might be like. I don’t imagine I’ll get there myself but I’m naive enough not to have given up on Utopia.

(Or am I?)

It started seemingly randomly as a personal challenge, “I’m going to climb one tree every day for a year”. After two weeks I started inviting people to join me. Our conversations in the trees would turn to politics, the environment, childhood memories, science, maths, art, the pace of life, death, waste, romance, fresh ground coffee etc. Some of my companions included a band, a class of 9 year old children (who sang to me about trees), a shaman family, an anarchist, an anthropologist, a politician, an economist, professors, artists, poets, activists and 44 people at once, (including an 8 month pregnant woman!)

The project led me through 10 countries, onto a Norwegian chat show, into a 3 story tree house theatre, to being hoisted INTO a tree by the Fire Brigade, having my hair cut in a tree, staging my own death falling out of a tree, almost not needing to stage my own death by almost falling out of that very tree by accident, failing to impress myself with an attempt at political direct action, climbing the Trafalgar Sq Christmas tree before it was cut down in Oslo.

It all came to an end with a forest exhibition where a bird made a nest in my exhibit, and a Family Tree Party where I climbed with my estranged parents and the whole family was thrown out of the venue. Crikey!

It was a surreal and enriching adventure. Thank you to everyone who got involved. 

I will be sharing my story with you, – bringing together over 1400 pages of my diaries, my reflections and research since it ended, the thousands of photographs, transcribed and edited conversations. In other words it’s becoming a book. Read more about the progress HERE.


Henrik G Dahle is / does:

Writing, art, directs theatre and film, builds wooden things. Is an anxty environmentalist with a smile, grimace and frown.

I’ve been pulling, drawing, and imagining the cart with and without a horse since leaving school. Always on the case with a project, worrying about ideas, rewriting scripts, lugging art to galleries, scrawling poems on tiny pieces of paper, planning to take over the world, staring at my computer screen, editing digital images and making stories with them, thanking and apologising to actors for their performances, whistling down the street, filling suitcases with smoke, travelling to Norway for the other half of my life, irritating people and making them laugh.

A bit of hindsight climbing advice:

  • Choose the tree that suits your confidence or seems to urge you to climb up.
  • Do a quick visual check and stress test of a branch before giving it all your weight. Feel the resistance, – the density, – the bounce. Some trees are brittle, some are limber… find out.
  • Keep your wits about you. Take the time you need.
  • Always have one hand or elbow holding or hooking something.
  • Trees are amazing and beautiful and when you’re in them, if you get comfortable, it’s easy to forget you’re in a tree with just a few perches between you and the ground.
  • Be extra careful when the tree is wet.
  • Night climbing: We don’t want an eyeball to wind on up on the end of a twig, – wear goggles or a head torch, or be extra careful.
  • Be brave and go for it, – after all you are a fabulous and terrifying monkey.


uptrees ( a t ) gauntlettandson dot com

Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/145829695430016/

Twitter: @uptreeslog


16 responses to “about / contact

  1. Rest assured Henrik – your head +is+ screwed firmly on. There’s nothing like climbing a tree to get a real perspective on your position in the world.

    Mind you, this is coming from someone who has spent much of the last 5 years building houses out of mud. So take it with a pinch of salt…

    Consider yourself invited to come and climb a tree in Northern Spain (and have a place to stay while doing it) anytime you like.

    • Wow. Thanks for that offer.. I’d certainly like to take you up on that! And your mud houses – are there any huts you built on line?
      Is it possible to build a mud hut online? I’m thinking of Tron. (the movie).
      Anyway yes. Are you talking about Cobbing or something like that?

      • Haven’t seen Tron – well, except for the original one, back in the 70s/early 80s was it? I remember I thought it was really fabulous, that was how the future was going to be. These days I’m trying to connect more to the web of life than the World Wide Web… But take a look at abrazohouse.org – we’re building mostly with straw bale / cob.
        Drop me a line!

  2. PS. Re: the getting down issue. Um, ever consider taking a rope and climbing harness with you – or would that be considered cheating?

  3. gloria goldstein

    Thank you for climbing our beech tree at the Ravens. Hope to be able to send pictures soon via email. A few interesting shots of the event. Hope your photo study of planter were successful. Lovely seeing you. Short but sweet. Like a tree planted by the water, etc. Love Snowy.

  4. Henrik, sounds like another hair brained yet well thought out and thoroughly worthy scheme that you have embarked upon here.
    I wish you all the best with it and look forward to purchasing the forthcoming book.

    Happy Christmas ………which tree will you be climbing on Xmas day?

    I’m currently living in Mexico……alot of cactus here….not so good for climbing unfortunately!!!

    Regards, Guy Rounce

    • Nice to hear from you Guy… Long time no see…
      It’s hair brained and not that well thought out… but it’s beginning to take shape.
      Look forward to catching up one of these days!
      Climb a tree for me over there. I’m sure you can find one. Send me the evidence…!
      And good question… The Christmas day tree. Probably try and get up a tree in the graveyard where my grandmother is buried. Might have gone to church with her if she was still round these parts.

  5. A story for you.

    A few Christmases ago we had a party for lots of family and friends. An actress friend dressed up as a fairy and sat in the fork of rowan in the front garden, from where she could see the Christmas tree inside the house. The kids had the job of getting her inside, inventing games to play that would shrink her, so she could get on top of the Christmas tree. Which of course, ‘she’ did eventually.

    I hope this Christmas you are warm, well and happy.


    • Nice story Anna… What kind of shrinking games did they play?
      As for me… Christmas – all good. In Norway. Warm when indoors.
      HOpe you’re good and thanks for the story. Yes!

  6. Henrick!

    You legend! I’m loving your tree climbing project! Inspired!
    I’m doing a professional tree climbing course at the end of the month.
    Are you coming to Cornwall on your travels? I’d love to climb with you if you are.
    You can always stay with us in our cottage in St Day.
    Old Gordon Avenue love.

    Mic and family x

    • Nice one Mic,
      Good to hear from you! A tree climbing course ey… I spent an afternoon with a brilliant guy who showed me how to use ropes in the trees etc. An inspired tree surgeon. That post is come but I’m a bit behind with it all… Otherwise. Yes! Would be great to meet up a tree indeed. I’ll let you know when I manage to get down that way! Look forward to catching up! Let me know about your course though. If it’s good post something about it here. Take some pictures… Anyway! Until the hour.

  7. Henrik – How very eggocentric ! Have not heard from you since ‘we’ all levitated Wesminster ! Ah the good ole days of the 20th century-freedom,caravans and the wide open world of a non-consturcted reality. Glad to hear you are alive and well into the 21st century. Live, love & laugh in solidarity -M.ib

  8. good to see you’re still bark’ing mad (in a good way)

  9. If only there were some other medium you could publish this experience and information!
    Other than on trees….

    When’s the last time you embedded a video interview into a book ~ s2 ~

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