Art 4 Sale

(Trafalgar Sq. Christmas) Tree-Ring Prints on ‘Climbed paper’ & digital / hand printed posters.

Prints of the Norwegian Spruce Trafalgar Square Christmas tree rings from 2010, – as interpreted by craftsman Puneet Dadu.

Find the ‘story’ behind the prints below.

To place an order, email me personally at uptrees ( a t ) gauntlettandson (.) com

I can make unique colour combination commissions with the print block.

Size: The block print is approx. 50cm diameter. The paper is trimmed to approx. 60cm square. 
Paper: Art paper or Climbed paper (see below).

Climbed paper prints: £60
Art paper prints: £30

Postage will be quoted when you place an order. (Between £5 – £12)

Digital Print / Block Printed posters

I created a series of designs based on the original exhibition poster (below). These are printed Black & White and then hand printed using Puneet’s print block masterpiece (see below).

Size: A2 
Paper: Thin Architects drawing paper.
(These posters can also be made on higher quality paper).
Price: £30  

Postage will be quoted when you place an order. (Between £5 – £12) 

Original exhibition poster (2011)

Tell me the size you want and I’ll send you a quote.


Print story

I climbed this tree before it was cut down in Oslo and sent to London as the customary annual thank you for looking after the King and Prime Minister during World War 2. You can read more about the climb here. It’s also the same tree student protestors set on fire. It had quite a journey and marks the middle of the project, and aptly became the centre piece to UpTrees. (The blaze in Trafalgar Sq was put out and the Christmas tree was saved).

At the tree cutting ceremony I was given a slice of the trunk, and I spent a long time tracing the approx. 67 rings in Photoshop. I then sent this image to a carpenter in India.

The wooden printing block I received from Puneet really is a masterpiece! 50 cm across and hand carved in local hard wood called Sheshim (Indian Rose wood). I asked for the printing block to be a fairly accurate interpretation of the tree rings, and then Puneet added his own flourishes that have nothing to do with the design I sent. His culture leaving an imprint on the work. I like this more than a perfect interpretation; a true collaboration.

It fits well with how I’ve begun to think about our connectedness to each other, our work and the things we buy. Corporate run business tends to homogenise and rinse out the personalities of the workers. In my ideal world we are all more personally invested in the things we produce and consume.

What is Climbed paper?

Puneet Dadu’s assistant with the printing block

A secondary Norwegian Spruce I climbed, (dedicated to the first woman to die in a women’s rights protest), was also cut down to make way for a log cabin. I took a log from that tree to Peterson’s paper factory in Moss, Norway, where they processed it for me. This second tree also formed the basis for the exhibition in Lillehammer, Norway.


There are many layers to this to the story of this print in the book yet to be finished.

This is the very first print I tried at the Family Tree Party


6 responses to “Art 4 Sale

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  2. Hi Henrik,
    This has been a wonderful project. I’d love two of the prints, please, preferably Natural Colour ones, but rough or clean white if you’re out of natural ones. They’re beautiful, and the story behind them is fantastic.

    I don’t need it for Christmas – one is for me and the other is going to be a wedding gift for my sister who I know will appreciate the whole thing, so don’t feel you need to frantically get it packed and despatched on my account.

    Many thanks, and Happy Christmas to you!


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  4. Beauuuutiful.

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