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Crowd funding for a book…

I’m not actively crowd funding now but investing my energy in actually finishing what I’ve started. You can still support the project though by pre-ordering a book or other goodies at this site. If you’re a publisher then you may have noticed a recent wave of interest in tree climbing; get in touch and I’ll tell you more about my adventure and how the book is taking shape.

To get a closer glimpse of what The Art of Climbing Trees is, see about / contact

uptrees thank you5a

Thank you to everyone who supported the project! It really means a lot to me, and has definitely motivated me to get down to finishing the book. I hope you can be patient and know that I’m working on it for you.

An ongoing story

I’m still discovering the material as I go though it. It was, and remains a personal journey. I’m learning from the process of weaving together the words I wrote during the project, with the aim of giving them the weight of research; from the complexities of symbiotic microorganisms to forest dynamics, to the ideas of environmental and political ideologies. The conversations in trees are thankfully inspiring me as I edit them, while presenting the problem of what parts of our dialogues to keep, and what to cut away. Often there’s enough interesting and fun stuff for two books. There are poetic writings that I’m bringing to life with a lot of focussed screen time, a lot of squeezing ideas out and vacant looking pondering. Many of the entries / trees take me days to ‘perfect’. Perhaps I’m slow. I’m also at the early stages of selecting images from the thousands I took of trees, and in them.

When the first draft is complete there will be further (and likely brutal) editing by someone else. Perhaps you are an editor who may be sympathetic, and equally exacting?

Possible cover. The book will be about 255mm x 195mm. For the first edition to make it cost effective I plan to print 1000 copies in a pleasing soft cover. Everything can change and if a publisher jumps in then... who knows!

Possible cover. The book will be about 255mm x 195mm. For the first edition to make it cost effective I plan to print 1000 copies in a pleasing soft cover. Everything can change and if a publisher jumps in then… who knows!

I actually thought the book would be ready for December 2013! Wow. It is coming along now and the end is in sight. I’m not foolish enough to give you a publishing date again though. A lot has happened in two years. Plans can change. Ideas can change. I can change. The good news is, had I finished the book for the original deadline it would have been rubbish. Time can deepen the soul.

The original crowd fund budget of £16,912…

…is very out of date. It was a lot of money but it all added up when including transcription, editing, printing, postage and pay for Welmoet Wartena to do the layout etc. I didn’t reach the fund target but the money I received from crowd funders has been spent on writing subsistence. (Thank you again – your money wasn’t wasted!) I’m writing now the old fashioned way, – in my spare time that I try to create as much of as possible. When I’ve finished the text and organised the imagery then I’ll be ready to take another closer look at realising the print. By hook or by crook there will be a book.

Great lungs of the world; innate metaphor creations. Trees are made of wood. They grow themselves into challenging climbing towers. We came down from them to conquer the Earth but we left something behind up there. A childlike and cerebral journey UpTrees to discover the branches and roots of our restoration…

Crowd funding films

Update 04

Update 03

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Original Crowd fund film


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