i can talk

I’ve done a few talks about my year climbing trees and the amazing people I met. Get in touch if you want me to show up at your event.


I was part of The Lost Lecture series at the Union Chapel Islington, London. Was an honour to stand up and talk about the project where my Great, Great Great Grandfather, Henry J Gauntlett played organ for 5 years!


I spoke at Pecha Kucha, Oslo just days before the project ended in May 2011 and afterwards climbed a tree with a number of the audience!

I offered to do a ceremony at the event and devised something involving lots of string, the audience of 500 and a speech about connectedness and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi, that lives in symbiosis with trees – sharing nourishment.

HUMAN Nature

An event arranged by Charli Clarke to raise money for the Otesha Project. I don’t have pictures but hey… I looked a bit like this myself. Here’s the poster.

So… let’s talk.

I can talk about my other projects and ideas too that have sprung out of Uptrees, like 444trees, rehabrd or Capped Capitalism. If you fancy that – drop me a line and we’ll talk turkey. I can tailor a talk to your event.

Will get to you by hook or by crook! Preferable by train. Travelling by hook or crook doesn’t come recommended.


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