Books take time to write it seems

D a r l i n g s !

I’ve been silent. There have been no rambling attempts to sell my project to you – I’m done with that for the time being.

This is just to say: THE BOOK IS COMING TOGETHER.

reubens henriks book

When a tree starts producing fruit – its energy goes that way rather than into the business of getting bigger. My energy is directed at writing, rather than into communicating with the world.

Crowd funding for an unwritten book was a bit like putting the cart just a tiny bit before the horse, and I was a little over optimistic as to how long it might take to turn a huge chaotic jumble of ideas into a smaller jumble of ideas worth reading. Having said that, apart from being inspired by the material I gathered during the tree project (the interviews, the diaries, the photos etc), – owing 100 people books is motivating. My ego is under threat.

If you are a crowd funder and still waiting for your copy – thank you for your patience! Please get in touch if there’s anything you’re wondering and I’ll see if I can prize myself away from the endeavour to respond. If you’re eager to support the project you can pre order a copy of the book here. If you’re a publisher and you’ve spotted the wave of tree climbing interest – The Art of Climbing Trees is on the hob, – the book smells like it might be good.


Bilbo in a barrel


Art of Climbing Trees Book & the G.I.

I’ve not been blogging much because, because, because, because, because of the wonderful… no… Not because of a Wizard. But because I’ve been writing the book this blog is all about! It was time to mention that it’s still not ready for publishing! The new deadline is May 2015! Jeez.



Thank you to all the crowd-fund supporters, and everyone who shared the project and encouraged me in doing it!

To keep myself afloat in this ‘endless’ endeavour of writing, I’ve set up the Gauntlett Institute with the hope it can entertain and provoke some thought while generating some cash in me’pocket. It certainly entertains me! The Institute came out of the tree project at Stamsund Theatre Festival.


Book Video Update 03

Here’s a little movie to explain where I’m at with your books! Thank you for your patience. If you like it… Please share.

You can still support the project by pre-ordering books and / or other goodies at


HELP! NEWS! THANK YOU! and a seedling.

If you want to give God / destiny / the future a good laugh then tell them your plans…

Hello!  Finally another update on the book… BAM!

I’m both stressed by how overdue publishing the books are, and also very inspired as I edit the material. This will be a special book!

Certain vision3

It’s been 9 months since I started the crowd funding so it’s not surprising the money generously offered me so far has run out. Passing the hat round started wearing thin but I’m eager to crack on, so here I am swallowing my pride and asking for your help again!

Please, please share the project with your networks and friends who might like to support it and consider buying a print or other UpTrees stuff, or pre-ordering a / another book.

family tree seedling3

Beside my desk a sprout grows in a pot. It came out of a seed from the very top pine cone of the last tree I climbed with the whole family in Norway. It’s a useful reminder to me that little things with great potential take time. I have to accept that and I’m hoping you can bear with me on this book!

I’ve literally just reached a mile stone as all the hours and hours of audio have now been edited ready for transcription! Finally! It’s taken a long time!

I really appreciate your good faith in me to produce something special!

family tree seedling

Seedling from the top pine cone of the last tree climbed.

I’d love to hear from you questions or suggestions! Thank you again!


The raggedy quote in the top image is what I see in front of my desk and reminds me what I’m trying to do!

UpTrees Radio Edit 02

Conversations from three trees during the project scratching the surface of what’s to come in the book. With Eva Bakkeslett – an artist, curator and eco activist, John Gillbert a brilliant tree consultant and others who participated in igfest tree games!