Here’s a selection of web link to articles printed in the press and a little story…

uptrees thank you5a

This is one of the images the press loved so much. Taken by my good friend Jacob Parish on a great holiday in Italy.

I’ve been given some attention by the press for climbing trees… etc. So for your interest, in the chain of events… here’s how that happened: (rather than to gloat over a bit of press I’m telling you how I got some and how you might get some for your self).

During the project The first printing of UpTrees appeared in The Southampton Daily Echo, which came about because I met Sally Churchward (who is a committed green journalist) and I was researching the Transition Towns movement where I met her.

daily echoIn Norway I met someone around a kitchen table and told them about it. Her niece worked in NRK radio (equivalent in Norway of the BBC) and she told her about the project. She then climbed a tree with me and interviewed me there.

The piece was a bit lame to be honest (novelty news for Norwegian truckers) but I was then called by the Førkveld, a TV program who invited me to appear as a guest.

There were other radio interviews and another piece for local TV news that came about because my dad was on a train and happened to know an editor for the news – and he told him about it. Which was how I ended up  being hoisted into a tree by the fire brigade!

During the crowd funding campaign I began tweeting and posting here to the blog. I was then lucky enough to be contacted by Amy Finlayson, a brilliant PR woman who wanted to help the project in her spare time. She wrote to some of her contacts (via a journalist database), to no effect at that time. Then wrote a press release. I’d been hassling Sally Churchward via email who wrote a piece on UpTrees during the project to do a follow up piece, who finally agreed to write something but needed more info. I sent her Amy’s press release and that was more or less what appeared in the paper with Sally’s added flavour. This got the attention of another PR agency who contacted me wanting to promote the project. They did a press release and it was picked up by national news papers. It was when it appeared in the Metro that Steve Lamaque on Radio 1 used my project as his ‘National Anthem’ music game during his show – on the theme of songs with ‘tre’e in the lyrics. That was fun.


I can’t quite believe I’m inadvertently advertising for the Daily Mail.

When the Daily mail printed the story, it was picked up by news agencies in China and Cambodia. (who knew they read the Daily Mail – good for me – bad for the planet).



I was also asked to guest write a piece for Save our Woods, a forest protection interest group, invited to appear on radio and someone even made a short film about it!

Despite all this attention – very little focus was brought to the crowd funding campaign. Since the web link or mention of it being a crowd fund was omitted. Still… all good experience! So what’s the moral of the story? Be lean and precise in what you want to get across. Don’t forget to mention your website etc several times. Persevere with hassling people politely. Write a press release or ask someone to. Have striking well taken images ready to send out. Be ready to jump out of bed and put your performance hat on. (in the case of the TV spot in Norway – that’s exactly what happened). But finally if you have something interesting to say – the press will want to write about it.

I really didn’t do that much to get these news agencies to write about it. But I did climb 365 trees, interview people in them write a bit about it!

Some of the media links:



MNN Metro-Logo New ITV logo-1439323 heartFM

the-independent-logoBBC-Logooh cheriebristol culture


This was my ‘first’ dip into TV. Ha! Quite an experience. I just about got through it… was OK. i got away with it I think. Only nearly made a complete tit of myself, although I didn’t mention it was all leading to a book, or even give the website. Quite unbelievable. Made me look like a nut who is climbing trees – and why is he on the TV for it? Anyway… you live and learn.


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