planning permission SOUGHT FOR: Oxford Street, London







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  2. What a great idea! My design skills are limited but I do think together we could make a film! We should make a film!!!

  3. it’s turkey time!

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  5. gloria goldstein

    Would like to do a picture and get involved. Still find this techno age art wise a bit daunting. Send me a urbanscene and I’ll give it a go, or am I meant to pick on, photograph it and ecolize it.

    • Yo Glo,
      Will send you an image. Would love to see what you did with it.
      There’s some stuff on photoshop I really have to show. Was working on some stuff the UpTrees exhibition and thought of you while doing it. Think you would get a kick out of it. Cutting out with out cutting. A piece of piss.

  6. Hey, this is brilliant! I totally agree. Check out my angle on it:

    The Solution to Pollution

    Let’s join forces!

  7. Look at this! You should get in touch with this guy.

    • Thanks Jenny… Only just got round to seeing this and you’re right! I was inspired and would be great to connect with this guy. Hope you’re well!

  8. The streets could have moving walkways instead of buses etc and the walkway itself could be covered with astroturf so it looks green. Last year one of Melbournes streets was covered with astroturf for the day and people sat about and sunned themselves on it. Great boost for trade.