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Uptrees : exhibition : and near the end… :

Well I can’t believe it’s nearly been a year.
I’ve been very inactive here as I’ve been active off the blog… mainly organising this:

And the Family Tree Party that ends the whole thing. Ultmately this whole thing boils down to a sense of family and radical system change. (If anything this year of farting about UpTrees has made me MORE interested in doing something about something). I’m not going to write a eulogy just yet and try and summaries the whole thing but it has been brilliant, tiring, exhilarating, educational, social (?), exciting and a very strange way to spend a year. My annual tree ring, so to speak has probably grown exponentially this year… Definitely a rich year of change.

Anyway… I don’t have time for this now… but if you are near Lillehammer, Norway… come and see the reduced version of the project. Imagine trying to condense a year of activity into 12 images and an installation.

Still… I’m pretty pleased with the idea. A tree I climbed was cut down and I’ve salvaged it… cut it up into 12 segments at equal points along the trunk, and each one is a canvass for images and ideas printed on wood… the segments will lay at their correct distance as if the tree is horizontal, – in its moment of falling. Damn it – I wish I’d included that in the text about it. Was a rush job so… as usual… the artist wishes it could’ve been better.

Will post pictures when it’s up in the forest at the Maihaugen Museum of historic house. A really cool venue for it.

Stupidly or not… I’ll be launching a new project on the 17th of May again. Ha! Will be exciting and daunting… watch this space.