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magic seeds!

So I’m selling magic seeds and books!

I just love it – when I think about it. A 100m tall giant comes out of a 3mm space! Get magic presents and support the tree book project!


Baobab Seeds


Sequoia Seeds

Get your seed kit Christmas gifts & support the book project!


Monkey Puzzle Seeds

Norwegian Spruce Seeds


Exploding Seeds

(For Norwegian visitors) For Norske besøkende: Professor Gauntlett’s ‘Eksploderende Frø’ forsøk nr. 2. Se denne linken.

I’ve brought Uptrees to Stamsund International Theatre Festival, in – Stamsund, Norway. Above the arctic circle. Had to come all the way up here to discover tropical weather. I’m with Professor Gauntlett and here is a video of one of his revolutionary experiments. His scientific exhibition ‘Exploding Seeds’, put together in conjunction with Uptrees and Ragnhild Lie (Green house project) reveals his life’s work in quantum mechanics and reforestation. This is by far the most exciting science I’ve seen. I will be covering this in more depth very soon.

This is also the penultimate post before launching the crowd funding project for the Uptrees book! Professor Gauntlett has endorsed the book and will write a foreword. (With my thanks).